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Taking One for the Team - Chapter 4: The Hangout

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Taking One for the Team - Chapter 4: The HangoutThe following is the long awaited 4th part to my ongoing true story...each story is stand alone but it definitely helps if you've read the previous chapters!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------It had been about 4 months since I had my last male to male encounter. That time in the gym with Marks friend who I didn't even know...it drove me wild and I knew I needed more. I continued to cruise the gym every day, but I only ever saw him a few times, and each of those time he was either passing me by in the parking lot, on my way out, or I was passing him by as he was leaving the locker room, already dressed for work. I also hadn't had a lot of time to spend with Mark. I hung out with James every now and then, but to my knowledge, he still had no idea about anything that went on with his father. We mostly hung out outside of his house, so I didn't get to see Mark too much. If I did, I definitely would have made some advances on him. Finally, one day after Swim practice James came up to me in the locker room and hit me with some exciting news. He was actually dating a girl for the first time in a while, instead of just hooking up with every one that crossed his path. I was excited for him and congratulated him on the start of his new relationship, and of course I asked when I got to meet this girl. "What about Friday night?" James asked me."Sounds great" I told him, "What're you guys doing Friday?""Eh, not much," he responded, "We're just gonna chill at home and watch a movie or something, my dad is supposed to be home for the night anyways, so it's not like we're going to be able to get anything done...if you catch my drift. And she's been asking to meet you for a while, so I figured we could all hang out for the night."I told him that sounded like a great plan and we headed our separate ways home. When Friday rolled around I headed to his house, I couldn't wait to meet his new girlfriend. When I arrived, they both were sitting on the couch, making out. I guess they didn't hear the front door open. Or they did. Who knows. I lightly coughed and startled them, they immediately stopped making out and James stood up to introduce me to his girlfriend. He quickly adjusted himself and tucked away the erection he was sporting from the make-out session before talking..."Mike, this is Kara, Kara, this is Mike" he introduced us. "Nice to meet you Kara, looks like you guys started the party without me"She chuckled. "It's nice to finally meet you, i've heard so much about you from James, seems like you're both really good friends!" Kara was a good looking woman. I say woman, because she was exactly that. I was 21 now, James was 22 and this woman had to be in her early 30s. If I had to guess, probably around 32. Yeah. 10 years older. Don't get me wrong, she looked fucking fantastic, but she was definitely a woman of experience. We got along well and the night progressed as normal. We put on a comedy that somehow ended up having way more sex in it than expected. But hey, i'm not complaining. Of course this made me entirely too horny. I had been waiting months to have some and now I was sitting in the same house as Mark, the first man I had ever fucked. That hot muscular manly fucking man. Fuck. James and Kara were sitting together on the two seater love seat, batman escort and I was sprawled out across the larger 3 seat couch. At one point during the movie a character made a funny one liner, and I looked to James for approval and to see if he was laughing. He wasn't. Instead what I saw was the blanket sprawled across his lap slowly moving up and down, and Karas hand was nowhere to be seen. That was it. That was all I needed. To think of James getting his huge fucking cock stroked under the blanket just a few feet from me. I adjusted myself to try and disturb my rapidly approaching boner. I tried to not think about it, but I couldn't help it. About 4 minutes later I looked over, and to no surprise, Karas head was missing under that same blanket. James had his head back against the couch and his eyes were closed, one of his arms was down the backside of her pants. Now I know why he had no problem dating an older woman. I couldn't help myself and I slipped a hand down the inside of my pants. He wouldn't mind, right? I mean, he's seen me jacking off before and didn't seem to mind. I shuffled a little bit and this seemed to make him aware of my presence again. He opened one eye and looked at me before smirking and closing his eyes again. After a few more minutes Kara raised her head from below the blanket and they started making out again. He grabbed her head and brought it close to his own, whispering something into her ear. She then got up from the couch, wiped her mouth with her hand and walked off. I heard the bathroom door close a few seconds later. James zipped us his pants and walked over to me. I obviously pulled my hand out of my pants at this point. "Sorry," I said to him"No worries, not like you don't jack to porn." I smirked. "Wait here for a second" he said, before walking off to the same bathroom Kara was in. A few seconds later I heard the bathroom door open again and this time Kara came back into the living room. Instead of sitting on her couch, she came over to mine. She sat down next to me and "conveniently" placed her hand on my crouch "accidentally". She then continued to grope and grab my half erect cock. She unbuttoned my pants and pulled it out, circling the top of my cock with her finger, before bending down and wrapping her lips around the head.Everything happened so quickly I had no idea what was going on. I couldn't believe this. James was going to be pissed. A few seconds later I heard the bathroom door open again and James' footsteps got closer. I quickly scrambled to push Kara off me and zip my pants back up.James walked into the room. "Don't let me stop you," he said, before walking over to the couch and getting down on his knees on the floor of the family room. "Spread your fucking legs" he said to Kara. Kara obliged and she opened her legs. She was no longer wearing underwear underneath her skirt. If she ever was to begin with. James shoved his face underneath her skirt and start going to town. Her face was immediately filled with pure bliss. I wanted to continue the fun, but I knew Mark was in the house he could come out any minute and catch us all. Not that he'd probably care. "Isn't your dad home," I said to James, probably being the biggest cock block in the world at the moment. "Don't worry about it," he said to me"Dude I dont need your dad catching this," I responded"Mike. Shut the fuck up. bayburt escort Kara, suck his cock, make him shut up." "Yes sir," she moaned quietly before quickly unzipping my pants again As soon as her lips wrapped around my cock again I began to relax. I didn't care. I didn't care what Mark was going to see. I didn't care what was going to happen next. I just wanted it to happen. I needed it to happen. James stood up and took off his pants and sat down on the far side of the couch. His cock was already rock hard and Kara walked over and got on her knees in front of him. She took all 7 inches of his cock better than I could have ever imagined. He thew his head back and closed his eyes again. I took the opportunity to get up from the couch and Kara took my place. She leaned on the couch down on all 4s with James' cock in her mouth. I stood up beside the couch and rubbed my fingers on her pussy that was dripping with her juices and James' saliva. Fuck. That was hot. I rubbed the juices on my cock and continued to finger her. James looked over at me and saw me just jacking off. "What are you doing? Fuck her," he told me, "This was her idea, not mine, she wants you to fuck her"Kara looked back at me reassuringly and I got on the couch and mounted her while she sucked James' cock. I slipped on a condom that I had in my wallet before slowly slipping myself inside her warm fucking pussy. "Ohhh fuck" I heard her gargle over the cock she had stuffed in her mouth "Oh god Mike, fuck me" I fucked her like this for a few minutes before we changed up positions. I sat on the couch and she rode me reverse cowgirl. James got on the floor in front of us and started rubbing her clit, touching my couch a few times in the process. At first I thought it was accidental until he cupped my balls in his hand and started playing with them. Kara slowed her riding until she came to a complete stop, my cock still inside her she sat there. Almost immediately James knew what to do, he started licking away at her pussy, licking my balls in the process. Holy. Fucking. Shit. I almost blew my load right then and there. Then he started licking my balls while he played with Karas clit. She squirmed around and it felt so fucking good on my cock. A few seconds later I felt her tighten up and a light gush came pouring down my cock. She just fucking came.This almost drove me wild. I never had a girl cum on my cock before. Holy shit. Her legs started shaking and she lifted herself off me. I continued to sit there but pulled the condom off. James continued his work. Except now he took each of my balls into his mouth and continued licking my cock. He was licking Karas cum off my cock and it was driving me wild. I didn't expect this. At all. Holy fuck. When he reached the top of my cock he slowly circled around the head with his tongue before taking it in his mouth. He started to go further and only got about an inch down before gagging"First time?" I said."First time." He respondedKara was sitting on the couch next to us continuing to finger herself, she was really enjoying herself"Oh yeah James, lick that fucking pussy juice, show me what you'd do for me"Kara was definitely a kinky one. She fucking wanted a bisexual threesome. And they tricked me into it. And im not complaining. Not a single bit. James took my cock in his hand and stroked it in one hand and stroked his bilecik escort own in the other."Get on the couch" Kara said to James. They swapped places. James and I were both sitting next to each other now. James leaned over to continue sucking my cock and Kara stopped him. She got on the couch and sat down on my lap. Sliding my cock into her."Dont worry, im on birth control," she said to me. I wasn't thrilled with no condom anyways but who the fuck cared right now. 'Ohhhhhh fuck she moaned" and she took my entire cock all the way in her and began to ride me again, rubbing her clit in the process" I looked over at James and gave him an approving nod as he continued to stroke his cock. Fuck. What a body. His rock hard muscular perfect body was glistening with sweat and her cum. I couldn't take it anymore. This was fucking amazing. I knew I was about to cum so I pushed Kara off me."Let him suck your cock," she said to James.James quickly stood up on the couch and hovered over me. I took his cock into my mouth willingly. It was salty from his saliva and sweat. He continued to push it into my throat deeper and deeper until about 5 inches were down my throat."First time?" he asked me"Not exactly," i responded when i pulled his cock out of my throatHe had a surprised looked on his face. He definitely didn't expect that answer!It must have got him going because he started fucking my face even faster. He grabbed the back of my head and really went to town. Kara was licking my balls as he fucked my face harder and harder. "Ohhhh fuck b*o i'm about to cum" he said to meI pushed him down on the couch and had him sit next to me and I leaned over and continued sucking him. I wanted to see him cum all over his chest. I sucked and licked his balls, getting his entire cock down my throat and even slightly licking his balls before I pulled off him for air. This set him over the edge because I saw cum start to dribble out of his cock and viciously went to town pounding away on his cock, sending more cum flying up his chest, covering his abs and pecs. This set me over the edge. I stood up in front of him and stroked my cock for him. Rubbing my body and showing him how hot I was for him right now. He lunged forward and shoved my cock down his throat. This time he got a lot more than an inch down. I think I mightve even felt his nose hit my stomach. This threw me over the edge as he quickly came up for air, and I stroked myself into orgasm. Shooting load after load onto his chest, covering him with more cum than i've probably ever produced.I sat down on the couch next to him and Kara got down in front of him, licking the our cum off his chest before moving up to kiss James. "Thanks baby," she said to him. "You're welcome" I responded. They both laughed. We all took turns cleaning up in the bathroom and actually finished our movie.Kara left around 1:00AM and i knew I should probably head out right after."I'm sorry man, I hope you had fun" he said to me, "The girls a freak and she told me if I was able to pull this off we could do anal next time, I shouldn't have tricked you, but I needed this. Sorry b*o.""Dude, shut the fuck up. I needed this more than you could ever know," I said to him. We said our goodbyes and I let myself out of the house. As I was heading for the front door I passed Marks room and his door was cracked open. There was only a lamp on inside but I could clearly make out the silhouette of one mans ass in the air, and a slurping sound echoing out the door. Now I know why Mark didn't bother checking up on us. He was too busy....------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
10 Ekim 2021, at 00:27


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